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An Accessible ASP Star Ratings Script

ASP Star Ratings I'm sure you've seen the star ratings feature dotted about the web on sites like Amazon and YouTube. I couldn't find a ready made ASP script for this anywhere so I decided to make one myself.

Accessible ASP Star Ratings

Site updated

After five years working in web design, it's about time got my own website sorted out. This is the third or fourth time I've started from scratch, so this time everythings going online straight away.

I've been meaning to write some ASP Tutorials for a long time, so it's as good a starting point as any. I've started putting up ASP Tools to help you develop your ASP pages. When I get the time, I'll put up some of the more useful ASP Functions and Subroutines I use regularly.

Keep an eye out for regular updates and if you've got any comments or suggestions on how to improve my site, or have a request for ASP tutorials, please contact me and let me know.